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All-Ukrainian Academy i-Tree4UA

The team of the NGO “Ukrainian Ecological Club “Green Wave” with the support of the U.S. Forest Service in partnership with The Davey Tree Expert Company (developers of i-Tree products in the United States) has developed the program of the All-Ukrainian Academy i-Tree4UA, which aims to equip participants with knowledge and practical skills in inventorying, assessing ecosystem services, conservation and sustainable management of green areas, as well as to introduce the i-Tree toolkit for community adaptation to climate change.

Who can attend the Academy?

We will be glad to see anyone at our Academy who is interested in inventorying and conserving green spaces, assessing their ecosystem services, advocating for the conservation of trees and green spaces, adapting to climate change and natural disasters in communities, etc.

The training will be especially interesting and useful for representatives of local governments, utilities, small businesses, NGOs, activists, educators, etc. Training at the Academy will help to better understand all the benefits that communities receive from both individual trees and entire green spaces. The Academy students will gain practical skills in working with i-Tree tools that will help create, maintain, and preserve green spaces in a sustainable way, and more effectively implement climate change and disaster adaptation measures in communities. The Academy will also be of interest to educators to engage children and youth in practical activities to preserve nature in their communities, to better understand nature, and to understand the relationship between human well-being and green space preservation.

How will the Academy be organized?

Training at the i-Tree4UA All-Ukrainian Academy will take place in the form of a series of webinars, consultation meetings and independent work of the Academy students, including organizing and conducting inventories of trees and green spaces in their communities and subsequent preparation of reports, conducting an information campaign on the results.

Each webinar will last up to 1.5 hours and will include up to 2 hours of homework.

Topics of webinars and activities:

  1. The importance of preserving green spaces in communities. i-Tree tools.
    2. Assessment of ecosystem services of individual trees using My Tree.
    3. Working with i-Tree Database. Collecting and preparing environmental data.
    4. Communication and involvement of volunteers.
    5.Assessment of ecosystem services of green spaces using i-Tree Eco.
    6. Organization of field inventory visits.
    7. Presentation of your inventory plans.
    8. Final meeting.

Based on the results of the training, participants will prepare and present their own inventory plan in their communities.

Participants who attend 4 out of the first 6 informative webinars, complete all the tasks and pass the final test will receive certificates.

And the 10 most successful Academy graduates will receive kits with materials and tools for conducting inventories in their own communities