Project Title: Transparent and participatory green space inventory system in Ukraine: iTree4UA

Project objective: to ensure the full functionality of the i-Tree ESO tool for full use in all communities of Ukraine to assess the ecosystem services of trees. The project will create the analytical and technological prerequisites for launching an interactive and transparent urban tree inventory system in Ukraine based on i-Tree technologies to benefit local communities and the environment.

Funding: funded by the US Forestry Service International Programs and USAID in partnership with Davey Tree Expert Company (developers of i-Tree products in the United States)

Key project milestones:

1. Collection and processing of the necessary data package for the integration of the i-Tree Eco tool for use in all communities of Ukraine: September 2021 – March 2022
2. Collection of additional data for four pilot communities in oblasts representing different regions of Ukraine to obtain the full version of i-Tree Eco: March 2022 – June 2022
3. Conducting pilot inventory work using i-Tree Eco together with local stakeholders in the pilot communities as an example of the possibility to initiate similar inventory projects in any community in Ukraine: June 2022 – October 2022

4. Collection of additional environmental data (on precipitation and air pollution) for all regional centers of Ukraine for the availability of the full version of i-Tree Eco: January-June 2023
5. Developing a program and conducting the All-Ukrainian i-Tree4UA Academy to train local inventory coordinators, initiate conservation and sustainable management of green spaces using i-Tree tools in Ukrainian communities: May-August 2023.