Green Wave is the online project about environmental news and the community of people wishing to promote sustainable development principles in all areas of activities supporting Ukraine’s competitive growth.

Green Wave online project was started as the internet page of student environmental organization Eco club Green Wave; therefore Green Wave is, first of all, a club, a community of like-minded people.


First of all, Green Wave – is the possibility to learn about important environmental news and developments in environmental technologies, environmental policy priorities, and corporate green initiatives.

Secondly, Green Wave – is the source of useful advises, which would help you to reduce environmental impact and use natural resources more efficiently.

Thirdly, Green Wave – is the experience of experts and readers, which we will share on our web-site.

Last but not least, Green Wave – is the possibility to find your dream job in an environmental area following our job announcements.

What is Green Wave for us?

Green Wave in economy and business means environmental responsibility in business activities, attention of environmental factors during economic policy design, development of green products and services markets.

Green Wave in politics means giving proper consideration to nature protection during the design of strategical programs and legislative acts, proper environmental legislation compliance control and active participation in international environmental protection initiatives.

Green Wave in education and science means fostering environmental education, development of scientific projects in the area of environmental protection, supporting quality education and professional development of young nature protection activists.

Green Wave in everyday life means doing our bit in protecting the environment, easy steps and habits changes, which could bring significant results.

Green Wave in culture and religion means the support of environmental art in all its possible types and promotion of environmental ideas via religious activities.

Spreading the Green Wave in all these directions will secure our rights and the rights of future generations for the clean and safe environment and meeting the needs, will allow establishing new production technologies, new consumption habits and will form the new mindset of responsible human beings. Implementation of all these measures requires broad informational support and development of rich and productive green media landscape. And Green Wave online project will be part of it.

Green Wave online project started from several clumsy designed HTML pages.

Зелена Хвиля

Green Wave in 2007

At the same time, Green Wave online project and the student organization Green Wave started from the desire: the desire to change something to better, desire to act and desire to develop. We were growing up and becoming better year after year.

Зелена Хвиля

Green Wave in 2009

We launched the current version of the web-site in 2010, and the added the English version in 2017.

We are willing to develop further and provide more value to our readers. We are open for cooperation and constructive criticism and welcome your ideas and comments. Contact us: web [at] ecoclubua.com