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We’ve told you about i-Tree tools many times before, and you’re already familiar with i-Tree Eco, Canopy, My Tree, and others.

Now it’s time to introduce you to another tool, the i-Tree Research Suite, which offers peer-reviewed ecological models for analyzing tree ecosystem services and other landscape attributes.

So we invite you to take part in a webinar where we will introduce you to the capabilities of the i-Tree Research Suite, including advanced models of hydrology, temperature and hydrochemical regimes of rivers, as well as an air temperature model aimed at capturing the cooling effects of tree cover. The event will be of interest to researchers in the fields of climate change, hydrology, and ecosystem services valuatio

The speaker at the webinar will be Jay Heppler, who has been working with the Research Suite in the academic and grantmaking community for the past two years, starting with Dr. Theodore Endreny, the lead developer of the i-Tree Research Suite. Jay’s work on the i-Tree team has focused on applying the i-Tree Research Suite to large-scale research and disseminating tools to scientists and technicians. In particular, she has led research projects on urban heat island mapping and watershed modeling, and is currently developing a tool for calculating stormwater runoff based on Research Suite models, which will be included in the i-Tree tool catalog.

To register for participation, please follow the link:

The project is financially supported by the US Forestry Service International Programs, USAID in partnership with Davey Tree Expert Company (developers of i-Tree products in the United States).

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