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NGO Green Wave continues to work tirelessly to rebuild our country and support its green present and future.

Thanks to the International Renaissance Foundation, we are launching the project “Green Zones for Community Recovery and Sustainability: Sustainable and Nature-based Solutions”.


What is the project about?


About the importance of green areas in communities for green recovery and how we can become more resilient to climate change.

This is important in the context of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction and is extremely necessary. Why? Because the existing approaches to creating and maintaining green spaces are expensive for communities, but they are not always effective, and in some cases lead to the loss of environmental services.


What are we going to do?


We will raise public awareness of how nature really works!

In the form of short videos and infographics, we will tell you


Why are green spaces in communities still important?


  • What are nature-based solutions and why are they needed?
  • How sustainable are tree care practices in communities?
  • Ecosystem services of trees – what are they?
  • Do we need wetlands in cities?
  • We will also talk about other urgent and sustainable solutions for communities.


Who is it for?


Anyone interested in green development of the community and Ukraine, including activists and NGO representatives, educators, youth initiatives, local government officials, representatives of utilities and condominiums.


So stay tuned for the latest updates, learn and share useful information with your friends.


This project has being implemented within the frame of the Environmental Policy and Advocacy Initiative in Ukraine that has been implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation and enabled by the financial support from Sweden.

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