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NGO Ukrainian Environmental Club “Green Wave” has prepared a new electronic educational publication – “My First Climate Dictionary and Reference Book”.
The material of the dictionary-guide covers about 270 basic terms and concepts in climatology and related areas of modern ecology, the basics of which are taught in primary and elementary schools and continue in higher education. The publication also includes terms related to the impact of armed conflict on the environment and climate change as a result of active hostilities.

The publication will be useful for young people who will receive climatic and meteorological information, knowledge about natural and anthropogenic causes of climate change, be able to assess the consequences and extent of human impact on nature, and gain knowledge about climate and ways to correct their own activities in direct and indirect interaction with nature.

The dictionary will be useful for teachers of general education institutions (especially teachers of integrated science courses), teachers of out-of-school education institutions, and anyone who cares about the climate context of the environmental crisis, as a source of information on many climate issues.

The authors hope that the dictionary will help to better navigate the current issues of sustainable development of society, climate change, promote environmental education and awareness, greening of individual and social consciousness, and the implementation of the modern educational trend of “Lifelong Learning.”

🇺🇦🇸🇪 The project was implemented within the framework of the Initiative for the Development of Environmental Policy and Advocacy in Ukraine, implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation with the financial support of the people of Sweden.

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