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[4 Feb 2021 | Comments: 0 | 198]

In August 2020, NGO Green Wave launched a series of monthly environmental quizzes on Facebook with support of International Renaissance Foundation. Quiz winners get prizes.

Throughout 3 weeks, Green Wave is posting environmental events of the month (link to previous publications: December, November, August).

A quiz is based on these posts (link to the previous quizzes: November, October, September); also, the book to be given to the quiz winner is announced.

Answers are collected throughout a week. Winners are announced on the organisation’s Facebook page (link to announcements: November, October, September). Following the selection of the winner we contact them and send them the book prize.

We would love …

[4 Feb 2021 | Comments: 0 | 98]

Following the successful series of out-of-school classes delivered by Farmak JSC jointly with Green Wave, an online learning platform Eco School was launched in 2019  https://ecoschool.com.ua/

The aim of the project is to unite and develop the environmental activists who belong to the city’s youth community, raise environmental awareness of young people, and promote the resource and energy saving culture.

In 2019 to 2020, more than 1,000 students from various cities, towns and villages all over Ukraine benefited from the online learning platform.

Eco School’s final stage is a content of project applications among schools, where winners get funding from Farmak JSC. The studies are aimed to implement …

[3 Feb 2021 | Comments: 0 | 240]

In spring 2020, Green Wave prepared a study paper: Environmental education for sustainable development on climate change in pre-school, secondary, out-of-school and higher education in Ukraine. Analysis of the current state of environmental and climate education delivered in formal secondary schools of Ukraine provided very pessimistic findings.

Our next step was to actively look for efficient ways to address the issue. We have jointly made a conclusion that solving an issue requires a consistent approach, and started creating such programs from scratch.

Our plans were supported by a grant from International Renaissance Foundation, and the first program was produced in autumn. It is intended …

[23 Dec 2019 | Comments: 0 | 132]

This year NGO UEC “Green Wave” at the first time has participated as an official observer at the 25th Conference of Parties (COP25) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Madrid, Spain.

How COP25 participants perceive climate change education for sustainable development? What kind of educational tools and methods are actually used by universities and relevant institutions presented at COP?

Oleksandra Khalaim, head of NGO, tried to raise these and other related questions on site.

Quite a lot of insights were related to climate change university education in USA. It is remarkable, how many US universities and related organizations participated in COP25, bringing big …

[5 Aug 2019 | Comments: 0 | 221]

An urban greening of courtyards in high-rise residential districts is crucial in forming a comfortable living environment for citizens. In this research made in Kyiv (July, August 2018), we estimated an adapting potential of urban green areas towards heat waves that much intensified recently in Ukraine due to climate change.

Under a pre-study, we analyzed visual and thermal satellite images of Kyiv to assess distribution of building density, greening density and surface temperature over residential districts. In hot days of 07/24 – 08/04 we explored thermal characteristics of four selected courtyards of a high-rise building residential zone in Kyiv, which had low building density and different …

[13 May 2019 | Comments: 0 | 491]

What is Ecoschool?

In 2018 and 2019, Farmak PJSC and Green Wave jointly launched a series of extracurricular lessons to raise environmental awareness of school students in Kyiv (10 schools in Podilskiy District) and Shostka (10 city schools). The global aim is to replicate the project all over Ukraine. With this purpose, in autumn 2019 we are launching remote learning platform for eco-studies.

The goal of the project is to bring the city’s youth community together and make it an environmental asset, promote environmentally friendly lifestyle among young people, and improve the culture of resource and energy saving.

The training programme consists of 4 sections broken down by topics …

[18 Aug 2016 | Comments: 0 | 1,115]
Urban Green Areas as Cooling Safeguards

In March-August 2016 NGO “Green Wave” implemented the project “Management of urban green areas as an element of adaptation to climate change in cities.” The project analyzed the legal framework of creating and managing urban green zones, as well as estimated how to maintain green zones in a sustainable manner to ensure comfortable living of citizens under “heat waves” which nowadays occur in every big Ukrainian city due to climate change.

How to estimate the effectiveness of green zones in a city to face climate change? The project team used a method of thermal surface mapping of green

zones with drone and thermal camera in the hot …

[15 Aug 2016 | Comments: 0 | 928]
Handbook on Climate Change Ecological Games 2016

On 10 – 12 August the first all-Ukrainian Forum “Climate Change Education – 2016″ had been held in Kyiv within the framework of project “While Playing Change the World” in collaboration with NGO “Sweet Osvit”.

The event brought together more than 140 teachers and public activists from more than 40 Ukrainian places. It was dedicated to the integration of climate change thematic issues in the formal and informal education system.

School teachers, university professors, activists and volunteers of non-governmental organizations, educators of academic and informal education sectors, as well as representatives of international organizations shared own experience in the field of climate change education and discussed further cooperation …

[25 Apr 2016 | Comments: 0 | 917]
Urban green areas as an element of adaptation to climate change

Since March 2016 Ecoclub has realized the project “Urban green areas as an element of adaptation to climate change”.

The project team includes experts of State Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth Institute of Geological Science of NAS of Ukraine, experts of M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany of NAS of Ukraine, Ecology students from KMA, and Drone.ua.