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Management of urban green areas as an element of adaptation to climate change in cities

A pilot project (2016) estimated how to manage green zones in a sustainable manner to ensure comfort living of citizens under “heat waves” which occur in every big city due to climate change. The project results have highlighted significant legislation gaps in urban green zones’ management, as it is both not systematized and not enough controlled in Ukraine. This knowledge and more project outputs could be useful for city planning and green zones renovation for existing districts in Ukraine. The main research results are published in the brochure “Adaptation to Climate Change: Urban Green Areas as Cooling Safeguards”.

The project realized under EU financial support (Climate Forum East II, National Ecological Centre of Ukraine) in cooperation with a scientific institution (State Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth), and business ( Ltd).

To see details you can download a bigger version:

In April 2018 National Geographic Society supported a continuation of this project by providing an individual research grant to Oleksandra Khalaim, Head. Our super-team of young scientists represents key Ukrainian academic institutions: Dr. Taras Kazantsev from the Center for Aero-Space research of Earth of NASU, Dr. Oleksandr Polishchuk from Institute of Botany of NASU, and Olena Zabarna from National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Based on the research results, the recommendations have been developed both for urban Public Utility Companies about planting management and planning (species, density, types of greening etc.), and for local authorities on the legislation improvements. The results are also highlighted for local communities to draw a completed picture of cause-effect links between CO2 emissions, climate change, and the quality of their urban living.

You can follow the project on its Facebook page: The main project results are posted here as a text and video presentation.

In December 2020, we have started a 4-month project “Piloting a Transparent and Participative Inventory of Kyiv Urban Green Zones for Climate Change Adaptation” aiming to create analytical and technological prerequisites for launching an interactive, participatory, and transparent inventory system of Kyiv urban trees by local authorities and public activists, in order to raise the city’s adaptability to climate change negative impacts (heat waves/heat islands). Project stages include:
(1) State-of-the-art analysis (urban green zones inventory-related legislation requirements, management structure, current state, and problems in Kyiv and Ukraine) – January-February 2021;
(2) Pilot inventory plots selection, estimation of data availability for i-Tree ECO use, and training for volunteers – February 2021;
(3) Pilot inventory fieldwork at two selected plots (engaging local stakeholders: the public utility company Kyivzelenbud, university students, local activists of NGO “Ecopark Osokorky”) – March 2021;
(4) Policy brief development and results’ presentation at the press conference – April 2021.

To highlight opportunities for i-Tree ECO use in Ukrainian cities with Kyiv as a pilot one, as well as to train the volunteers for inventory fieldwork, we plan to translate i-Tree tools’ basic materials and leaflets from English to Ukrainian. As the final stage of the project, we plan to organize a press conference highlighting the results of our analytical and fieldwork, including a policy brief for the local authorities. Both information materials about i-Tree tools, available in Ukrainian, and an analytical report on pilot inventory with a policy brief will serve as a basis for systemic implementation of i-Tree tools in Ukrainian cities engaging municipal authorities and local public organizations.

The project is funded by the International Renaissance Foundation under the Environmental Policy and Advocacy Initiative for Ukraine (EPAIU) with the support of Sweden.


PJSC “Farmak” in cooperation with NGO “Green Wave” since 2018 has been coordinating the development of a series of extracurricular activities on eco-education for secondary and high schools in Ukraine through the online educational platform “Ecoschool”. In 2018-2019 we conducted offline ecological lectures in the cities of Kyiv (10 schools of Podilskyi district) and Shostka (10 schools of the city). The project aims to unite the youth community of the city in order to promote an ecological lifestyle among young people and to enhance the culture of resource and energy conservation. The global goal is to replicate the project in all Ukrainian cities with the support of socially responsible local businesses. More about the project can be found in the publication here.

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Since 2010 Ecoclub actively participates in Ukrainian initiatives in the field of environmental education and ecological games for Education for Sustainability. Our projects include:

  1. Translation in Ukrainian and Russian, adaptation for student and school Ukrainian auditory and conducting a worldwide famous role game Fish Banks by Dr. Dennis Meadows (c). The translation and adaptation activities have been supported by NGOs Sendzimir Foundation (Warsaw) and Centre for System Solutions (Wroclaw) in 2010;
  2. March-August 2016 under the Climate Forum East II and NECU support jointly with NGO “Sweet Osvit” we have developed a handbook on climate change games “While Playing Change the World”. The training on games has been held for 40 teachers from all regions of Ukraine in the forum “Climate Education 2016” which we have organized on 10-12 August 2016 in Kyiv.
  3. Development and promotion of new ecological games in Ukraine:
  • In 2015 under the SGP GEF in cooperation with the all-Ukrainian initiative “Education for Sustainable Development”, Ecoclub has developed a new school board game “Future Green City” for 8-12 years old children who are aware of making more sustainable their living environment.
  • Participation in the training presentation of the climate game “Keep Cool” organized by NGOs MitOst, Activeco, EcoVisio, and Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg with the support of British Council in Ukraine.
  • Popularization in Ukraine the climate negotiation gameKeep Cool“, aiming to develop and conduct at least 5 trainings for multipliers on the game in 3 Ukrainian cities (Kyiv, Poltava, and Lviv) by addressing organizations of both formal and non-formal education; to disseminate the board game (at least 40 educators covered); to assist in improving the online version of the game “Keep Cool Mobil”. The project is a part of the international initiative on “Keep Cool” popularization in Eastern Europe (Republic of Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine), leading by NGO “Ecovisio” (Moldova) in 2018-2019 with the financial support of Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU).

International Climate Movement in Ukraine

All-Ukrainian Network of young ecological leaders for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Our joint projects:

  1. Since October 2016 Ecoclub has joined the initiative “Cities for life” as a coordinator of the 6-months project “Kyiv – City for Life”. The initiative foresees the development of local Climatic Strategies to reduce GHG emissions in 3 cities: Kyiv (Ukraine), Saints Petersburg (Russia), and Mogilev (Belorussia). At the moment we actively collaborate with Kyiv City Council (Department of Urban Beautification and Preservation of the Environment) under implementation the climate change adaptation measures in the current urban legislation.
  2. Among other projects:  in the MOVING PLANET flash-dance with the demand to stop the rise of CO2 emissions in 2011, Power Shift Forum under EcoFest2011, and others.


To implement the nature interpretation in Ukraine, we aim:

  1. Strengthening capacities of protected areas and nature museums (the development of  Ukrainian guides’ professionalism who held excursions and organize guide tours in  protected areas, botanical gardens, zoos, and nature museums).
  2. Formation of cohort/association for nature interpretation in Ukraine (a platform for cooperation and positive experience exchanges in the field of nature interpretation; the mailing list of protected areas of the  Ministry of  Ecology, Ukrainian  Network of  Conservation  Educators and Practitioners (UNCEP), which was created in 2013 by Green Wave).

In 2016- 2017 project activities have covered 21 regions of Ukraine, including 40 parks and reserves; 6 museums; 3 botanical gardens; a zoo; 6 universities and research institutions, and 10 NGOs. The number of qualified interpretive guides was increased by 119 members, among which there are 40 men and 79 women. The project is supported by US Forest Service. The 2017 report is available here.


Since 2010 Ecoclub is a member of the UN Global Compact, participating in the working group on the natural environment. We provide expert support to Ukrainian businesses on the incorporation of the “Green Office” principles, the estimation of effectiveness of nature-protection actions, ensuring the dialogue between active society and green businesses. Also, we provide the analysis of the carbon footprint of goods and events for interested businesses, informing our partners about the latest news in the field.


In 2010 Ecoclub in cooperation with the Regional Landscape Park “Myzhrichenskyi” has developed the ecological trail “Zhuravlynna” on the territory of the park. 4 ecological schools have been carried out for all environmental activists.


Earth Day

Each year in April we join the international event aimed resources and energy saving propaganda. The student branch of Ecoclub organizes a party for Kyiv-Mohyla Academy students to involve them in a sustainable way of living, vegan diet, sorting waste and other.




Green Drinks initiative means frequent meetings of ecological activists, potential employers and employees, volunteers and NGOs, decision-makers and society members, for discussion on sustainability and ecological issues in an informal environment.

The information on the next meetings is available on the Facebook page of the initiative.


Ecoclub is a member of the international network of non-governmental organizations that support the Golden Standard for projects on reducing the GHG emissions. Ecoclub can supervise and check the project compliance with the standards during public revisions. With further questions, please contact Anna Vilde, anna.vilde[at] +38 097 5161160