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The Ukraine Residential Energy Efficiency Project, Phase II is announcing the below short term positions.

Should you or anyone you know is interested in applying for either of these positions, please send an expression of interest with CV to the indicated below email addresses by February 12, 2015. You can find full job descriptions and selection criteria in the attached TORs.

1. Regional Representatives (Lutsk, Kyiv, Cherkassy)

Phase I of the Project succeeded in creating legislature (Law on Multifamily Apartment Buildings has passed First reading in Parliament in January, 2015) and development of the commercial banking product. However, the demand for energy efficient modernization of the multifamily building is yet low. One of the obstacles behind lagging demand is lack of information for the homeowners about resources available on the market to help initiate the modernization initiatives. To increase public awareness, Phase II of the Project will focus resources on promotional and educational activities, including provision of on cite consultations and awareness building. The Consultant(s) will support the Project in a number of select cities by providing support to homeowner associations in the following:

  • Ensure regular contact with Homeowners’ Associations (HOA), HOA Associations, NGOs in the assigned region; keep database of all HOAs; initiate cold-calls to HOAs; provide regular reporting on activities;
  • Maintain updated knowledge of local business environment for residential energy efficiency by keeping an updated database of vendors, equipment manufacturers, engineering companies in the region; provide regular information to the central (Project level) database;
  • Initiate regular meetings with vendors, financial institutions and other private sector partners in the region;
  • Initiate seminars and other events to promote residential energy efficiency in cooperation with the private sector partners;
  • Participate in regional conferences, workshops with the public sector and IFIs on behalf of the Project;
  • Provide expert consultations to interested HOAs on financial and accounting matters;
  • Assist HOAs wishing to obtain commercial financing in preparing necessary financial statements/reports required by the financial institutions;
  • Assist HOAs in their negotiations with the financial institutions, vendors and other partners;
  • Develop success stories.

Applications to be sent to by February 12, 2015.


2. Project coordinator

The project Coordinator will focus on facilitation (development, implementation, upkeep) of the communication platform between the market participants (stakeholders). The communication platform will involve development of a web-based tool and creation of a country-wide chain of information resources to stimulate homeowners’ decision making regarding energy efficient modernization of their dwellings. The Coordinator will perform the following functions:

  • Develop, adjust and customize the interactive web-based platform to be used for the homeowners to obtain information about the resources needed to perform energy efficient modernization in their buildings;
  • Systematize, maintain databases of resource centers, equipment manufacturers, vendors, financial institutions, and other stakeholders providing services to the housing sector;
  • Liaise with the market participants (listed above) to ensure data quality, completeness and relevance for the market;
  • Ensure timely changes, adjustments of the platform based on customers’ needs and feedback;
  • Conduct administrative procurement of IT, copyright and other specialized vendors;
  • Conduct due diligence of the Project’s counterparts and stakeholders;
  • Provide analytical support in development of educational and information materials for the market participants by liaising with the market experts;
  • Organize a series of regional events throughout Ukraine by ensuring participation of relevant speakers and audiences;
  • Work with the Project stakeholders on development and implementation of the training and education program;
  • Provide administrative and coordination support of the regional Project representatives with matters concerning information gathering and upkeep.

Applications to be sent to by February 12, 2015.


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