Why games?

During 15 years of using the game method in eco-educational activities, we found out that while playing participants understand the problem much deeper than during a regular lecture or presentation. Players immerse themselves in the situation with decision-making, connecting theoretical knowledge and personal experience derived from their own lives. This combination encourages players after the game to look for possible solutions in the real life.

You can find more information about our experience and photos from the game events in the presentation following this link.

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“Keep Cool”

First created in 2004 in the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Distributed, translated and updated by the NGO EcoVisio (Moldova).

Since 2016, it is available in the following versions: Russian & Romanian, English & Romanian, English & Russian, Ukrainian & Russian, Ukrainian & English. More about the game on the partners’ website: http://www.ecovisio.org/ru/keep-cool

Technical requirements. Age of players: Middle and high school students, students, adults. Amount of players: 6 teams of 1-3 people per team. Time: 120-150 minutes.

Instructions for Keep Cool multiplayers

For ordering a game set, please contact us via email or phone call.

Future Green City

Developed under support of a partner network “Education for Sustainable Development in Ukraine” and GEF Small Grants Programme. Authors: Oleksandra Khalaim & Olena Kosak

Amount of players: 3-6. Game duration: 20-30 min. Players should solve typical problems of their city; more sustainable solutions bring them more scores. The game is available for download on the partners’ website by following the link.

For ordering a game set, please contact us via email or phone call.


Network of Life

Developed by Olena Kosak in 2017 under support of a partner network “Education for Sustainable Development in Ukraine” and GEF Small Grants Programme. This is a card board game about trophic chains and interrelations in different ecosystems; shows the importance of biodiversity, represents main types of ecosystems in Ukraine, and endangered species.

Players can build trophic chains to create a sustainable ecosystem, as well as can sabotage the ecosystem of their opponents. The one who creates the most complex ecosystem wins.

Download on the partners’ website: game rules, playing cards.

Technical requirements: Age of players: 15 years – adults. Amount of players: 2-15. Game duration: 30-45 minutes

For ordering a game set, please contact us via email or phone call.

Handbook “While Playing Change the World”

12 active and creative games to get acquainted with the topic of climate change and energy. 

The handbook can be downloaded here.

For ordering a paper copy, please contact us via email or phone call.


Water Footprint Game

The water footprint is a tool to measure the water usage of a product, considered over its

whole production chain. Game participants become aware of their water footprint by means of an interactive game.

Players have to choose a meal and a dessert from the recipes booklet (link) In the ‘store’ all products are provided (food cards link). We will not have a look at the price but at the costs in amount of water: how much water is needed to produce the chosen meal? The person who has bought the meal with the lowest water footprint is the winner. And let’s hope it still tastes good too!

Detailed instructions in English – follow the link; infographic about the water footprint from WWF – follow the link. The game is translated from English (Galina Stets), the original version from Water Footprint Network – at the link.


The game was developed by the Belarusian team of the SPARE project.

Translated into Ukrainian by the team of the NGO Ukrainian Ecological Club “Green Wave” with the permission of the developers.

Card game, created similar to the world-famous game “Mafia”. The game aims to raise awareness about the rational use of resources.

Players receive cards with roles: Wasteful, Honest Citizens, Public Activist, Blogger, Mr. Inspector, Presenter. Everyone has his/her own important secret mission!

The family of wasteful people does not know how to use resources rationally, so they try to steal electricity from honest citizens. These residents must identify the wasteful and take them out of the game so as not to go bankrupt. Mr. Inspector is looking for wasters, and a Public activist and Blogger are trying to detect illegal connections and save residents.

So days and nights pass, who will win? The game ends with the victory of Сitizens or Wasteful.

The rules of the game can be downloaded at the link. Game cards are available at the link. Technical requirements. Amount of players: 5-15 people.