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Each of Us, Ecoclub, Environmental Problems

[7 Oct 2018 | Comments: 0 | 82]

In this article we would like to tell about an eco-initiative, which was launched by 61-year-old American comedian Devid Sedaris in Sweden. Once, in the morning he decided to take a bag for garbage with him for a walk, thus starting a world trend. First publications about this unusual activity appeared in Instagram back in Oktober 2016. The term “plogging” itself has roots from Swedish “plokka upp” – picking up and from English jogging accordingly. It has widespread not only in neighboring Germany and Denmark, but was also noticed even in distant countries of Latin America and South Asia.

So what does the idea imply? While …

[3 Apr 2017 | Comments: 0 | 739]
Getting experience from the best and doing more together!




Since October 2016 Ecoclub “Green Wave” has arranged some events on the organizational development with the support of National Ecological Centre of Ukraine and Climate Forum East project, as a member of Ukrainian Climate Group. Four volunteers of Ecoclub have participated in the five-day internship in four leading ecological non-governmental organizations from different regions of Ukraine. In November, Anastasia Laznya visited humanitarian and philosophical CSO Ahalar, where she took part in a multi-platform festival «АHALAR-fest: the power of community experience».

Kateryna Korotka went to energy efficient CSO «Ecoclub», Rivne, where she presented our research in green zones and talked about similar problems in the planning of …

[10 Jan 2017 | Comments: 0 | 864]
Nature interpretation development in Ukraine – report

Concept, ideas and methods of nature interpretation were broadly disseminated in protected areas of Ukraine due to the joint activities of Ecoclub, US Forest Service and WWF. We brought together a team of like-minded enthusiasts and created a cohort of advanced interpretive guides.

In tandem with these activities, we offer to create 12 Regional Centers on Nature Interpretation (RCNI) in Kyiv, Lviv, Kherson Region, Dnepropetrovsk Region, Zaporizhzhya Region, Kharkiv Region, Poltava Region, Sumy Region, Zakarpattya Region, Ivano-Frankivsk Region and Volyn Region. The main criteria for the RCNI designation were the presence of natural heritage and certified interpretive guides.

The implementation of nature interpretation in Ukraine became possible …

[18 Aug 2016 | Comments: 0 | 917]
Urban Green Areas as Cooling Safeguards

In March-August 2016 NGO “Green Wave” implemented the project “Management of urban green areas as an element of adaptation to climate change in cities.” The project analyzed legal framework of creating and managing urban green zones, as well as estimated how to maintain green zones in a sustainable manner to ensure comfort living of citizens under “heat waves” which nowadays occur in every big Ukrainian city due to climate change.

How to estimate the effectiveness of green zones in a city to face climate change? The project team used a method of thermal surface mapping of green

zones with drone and thermal camera in the hot summer …

[15 Aug 2016 | Comments: 0 | 819]
Handbook on Climate Change Ecological Games 2016

On 10 – 12 August the first all-Ukrainian Forum “Climate Change Education – 2016″ had been held in Kyiv within the framework of project “While Playing Change the World” in collaboration with NGO “Sweet Osvit”.

The event brought together more than 140 teachers and public activists from more than 40 Ukrainian places. It was dedicated to the integration of climate change thematic issues in the formal and informal education system.

School teachers, university professors, activists and volunteers of non-governmental organizations, educators of academic and informal education sectors, as well as representatives of international organizations shared own experience in the field of climate change education and discussed further cooperation …

[15 Jul 2016 | Comments: 0 | 942]
Sustainable Stockholm

Do you know how any city can be improved at eye level? How to make an ecological city tour? What kind of vegetarian food you can find in Stockholm and what can be done with used coffee after it has been put out from the coffee-machine? Four members of Ecoclub ‘Green Wave’ have explored all these things and many more during the 3-days visit organized by NGO “Global Playground Stockholm” in June 2016.

Due to financial support of the Olof Palme Memorial Fund (Sweden) both NGOs had a possibility to visit each other for experience exchange, setting up new contacts, and brainstorming the ideas of future …

[25 Apr 2016 | Comments: 0 | 854]
Urban green areas as an element of adaptation to climate change

Since March 2016 Ecoclub has realized the project “Urban green areas as an element of adaptation to climate change”.

The project team includes experts of State Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth Institute of Geological Science of NAS of Ukraine, experts of M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany of NAS of Ukraine, Ecology students from KMA, and Drone.ua.