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Green Wave’s monthly environmental quiz with prizes!

4 February 2021

In August 2020, NGO Green Wave launched a series of monthly environmental quizzes on Facebook with support of International Renaissance Foundation. Quiz winners get prizes.

Throughout 3 weeks, Green Wave is posting environmental events of the month (link to previous publications: December, November, August).

A quiz is based on these posts (link to the previous quizzes: November, October, September); also, the book to be given to the quiz winner is announced.

Answers are collected throughout a week. Winners are announced on the organisation’s Facebook page (link to announcements: November, October, September). Following the selection of the winner we contact them and send them the book prize.

We would love to broaden our quiz coverage as this contributes to environmental awareness. The books we offer as the prizes are great translations of popular environmental publications from all over the globe: previous quiz winners received Gay Browne’s Living with a Green Heart, Peter Singer’s

Animal Liberation, Thomas Eriksen’s The Trash and the People.  The Reverse Side of Consumption, and others.

Follow our Facebook page for the upcoming quizzes https://www.facebook.com/ecoclubua/

Author: Олександра Халаїм

Олександра ХалаїмГолова ГО Український екологічний клуб “Зелена Хвиля”