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Green Office project

4 February 2021

In the light of the current challenges presented by the pandemic and the significant economic losses sustained by the Ukrainian business community, the Green Office concept – environmentally conscious corporate culture and resource-effective office management (even when some of the staff members are working remotely) – can become an important tool to support organisations and a solution for the city’s ecosystem. The Green Office practices implemented by the Kyiv business community are described in the 2009 study  UN Global Compact ; however, no progress review has been conducted on systematic basis since then.

In October 2020, we decided to update the study and its findings will be presented in April 2021.

Our initiative is pursuing the following goals:

  1. In-depth analysis of the current status, issues and perspectives for the Green Office’s implementation at business organisations of Kyiv.
  2. Progress evaluation at the organisations that are already following the Green Office’s practices;
  3. Create recommendations to local stakeholders (such as local authorities, business community, media and NGOs) on how to resolve the existing issues related to the implementation of the Green Office concept in Kyiv.
  4. Put the Green Office’s concept back onto the agenda through the study presentation in mass media and discussion of issues with the stakeholders.

The aim of the project is to get understanding of the motivation and limitation pertinent to the use of the Green Office concept; in-depth analysis of the current state, issues and perspectives of the Green Office implementation in business community of Kyiv; progress evaluation at the organisations that are already following the Green Office’s practices.

The study is conducted in 4 stages:

  1. Review of literature, expert reports and annual reports of companies.
  2. Online crosscut survey among members of the Ukrainian business community.
  3. In-depth interviews to evaluate the needs of Ukrainian companies regarding the Green Office principles.
  4. In-depth interviews with companies featuring in the 2009 Report to evaluate their progress in the implementation of the Green Office.

Stages 1 & 2 of the study have been completed. We made a list of the top Ukrainian companies and asked them to participate in the  crosscut survey.  Major Ukrainian businesses, such as Naftogaz of Ukraine, 1+1 Media and ALLO, participated in the survey. You are welcome to join the survey!

As of the time this report was being prepared, the project was at the stage of conducting in-depth interviews to evaluate the needs of Ukrainian companies regarding the Green Office principles and the progress made by the companies featuring in the 2009 Report. We produced an in-depth interview form that can be used for opinion polls among the companies interested and those who have some Green Office implementation experience. The next stages of the project are where all planned in-depth interviews will take place.

The Green Office project is being implemented under the Environmental Policy and Advocacy Development Initiative for Ukraine conducted by the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) with Sweden’s financial support.

Author: Олександра Халаїм

Олександра ХалаїмГолова ГО Український екологічний клуб “Зелена Хвиля”