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Start Small! Environmentally Aware Parenting from “Green Wave”

24 July 2019

As professional environmental educators with more than 5 years of training experience, we know it for a fact that emotional affinity toward nature is crucial for shaping environmental awareness. Feeling the natural environment and understanding the value of resources at a young age is essential in the era of the global ecological crisis.

Those of our team members who have kids face the traditional challenge – huge spendings of material resources and efforts to buy toys, to find out “how to spend quality time with a kid”, “top 10 games for kids”, “fun outdoor games for kids”, “things to do at home on a rainy day” etc. Early childhood development practices, arts and sports – all of us try to offer the best to our children. This variety of eco-friendly and healthy “substitutes” of traditional entertainment centres encouraged us to create a comprehensive programme for kindergarten staff and parents with kids 3 to 5 years of age – “Start Small!”.

Our tasks:

  • Guide parents and kids to eco-friendly living
  • Give answers to the following question: What environmental problems are a threat to the plant and to us in the nearest future?
  • Benefit from experience of other countries, which is very useful and important now.
  • Help parents shape their vision and approach to the following question: how to use environmental education to improve the quality of time spent with kids?
  • Study, together with parents, ways to make life more eco-friendly
  • Provide parents with a tool set for outdoor games and activities for kids.

The project involves a series of training courses for parents and caregivers. The objective of training activities is to provide practical tips and methods how to talk about complex things in simple words and give children a basic understanding of the importance of resources (water, electricity, paper and food waste) and tips on their sustainable use (composting, upcycling etc) in a game-based and interactive format.

We offer an unforced combination of theoretical and practical lessons that will give you knowledge and skills to make the space inside and outside your home more environmentally-focused, as well as a set of games and exercises aimed to boost environmental awareness and action among both parents and kids and to answer the everlasting question “what can be fun to play with my kid”.

Zlata Mykhalchuk, one of the project coordinators, is a practising psychologist, conducts training courses for moms that are adapted to involve kids, too, Mama-Mafia presenter, mom “on almost a maternity leave” and Green Wave intern, speaks about eco-parenting:

I thought that with the birth of our son our efforts toward Zero Waste will no longer be successful. They are :). Of course, it is not always smooth, but all in all it has not turned out to be as bad as I had thought it would be. Yes, we are not a perfect zero-waste family, but we segregate recyclable waste, and the kid helps us with that. We do try to compost, we re-use things as much as we can, and we are looking into ways to avoid plastic materials in games where possible. My dream is that we have a diaper recycling plant and other eco-infrastructure in Ukraine. Maybe, this is why I has been taking steps that will, hopefully, contribute to that. Surely, there are things we don’t know and don’t do, and some eco-solutions that might appear surprising, but I certainly want a better world not only for my son and my potential grandchildren, but for myself, too. Clean environment is not something that will exist elsewhere and at some other time: it is my life on this planet here and now”.

The first two project events will take place on July 27 and July 30 at 61 Holosiyivskiy Ave, “Polly’s Kitchen”. If you would like to attend, please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZGX5Ph32hM4DVskv_RTYei1z1XuK9v-jBd7lipdNjognD_w/viewform?fbclid=IwAR1tLYIwQ7QIlZoViai-_gTL2kbsW6uyxd-l7N2CvHdMFTkOvKXcUxFH-aY

Any questions?

Please email us at contact@ecoclubua.com or give a call to project coordinator Zlata Myhalchuk 0978655636.

Translated to English by Yulia Shigorina

Author: Олександра Халаїм

Олександра ХалаїмГолова ГО Український екологічний клуб “Зелена Хвиля”