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Ecoschool: come to the “green” side!

13 May 2019

What is Ecoschool?

In 2018 and 2019, Farmak PJSC and Green Wave jointly launched a series of extracurricular lessons to raise environmental awareness of school students in Kyiv (10 schools in Podilskiy District) and Shostka (10 city schools). The global aim is to replicate the project all over Ukraine. With this purpose, in autumn 2019 we are launching remote learning platform for eco-studies.

The goal of the project is to bring the city’s youth community together and make it an environmental asset, promote environmentally friendly lifestyle among young people, and improve the culture of resource and energy saving.

The training programme consists of 4 sections broken down by topics (for more information, please see the presentation):

(1) “I and Nature” (human impact on natural ecosystems, global challenges and environmental problems of the 21st century);

(2) “Nature and I” (understanding the various relations in nature and human place in the eco-system);

(3) “I and Energy” (energy sources and energy efficiency);

(4) “Project Management” (fundamentals of writing project applications and ideas for environmental projects).

The final stage of Ecoschool is a project application writing competition between schools, where top three applications receive financial assistance from Farmak PJSC. The aim is to implement environmental projects at schools and launch an environmental initiative in the city.

Training in each thematic section is delivered in form of ecological games and involves two-way training methods. Our motto is “No to boring lectures!”. The emphasis is made on students rather than the trainer, because their personal experience is the learning foundation.

Green Wave has authored methodological recommendations and an extensive project programme. The Ecoschool Training Handbook was approved by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine for use in secondary education settings (decision №21 from 12 December 2018, decision №6 from 14 December 2018)

For more information about the project and the project events in Kyiv and Shostka, please visit Ecoschool’s official Facebook page www.facebook.com/EcoschoolFarmak/

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Being eco-friendly is interesting, helpful and important! Ecoschool – come to the “green” side!

Translated to English by Yulia Shigorina

Author: Олександра Халаїм

Олександра ХалаїмГолова ГО Український екологічний клуб “Зелена Хвиля”